CAYAC 2019

An exhibition and competition of work by young artists in Cambridgeshire. Sawston Village College. 22-23 February 2019. You can find more information about it here.

July 2018. Young Art at the Michaelhouse Café

In July 2018 there were two exhibitions at the Michaelhouse Café, featuring work from local schools.

The PDBe Project exhibition was entitled "Artworks inspired by life's building blocks". It featured cutting edge scientific data communicated by engaging art. The Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe), The Arts Society CANTAB and The Arts Society GRANTA are working with local school art departments to create artworks inspired by life’s building blocks. PDBe maintains a worldwide free database containing 140,000 3D shapes of biological molecules important for health research. The molecules are too small to see even with a normal microscope, and are very complex. In this project, PDBe scientists help students explore the database ( and ways of depicting molecules, using structure as inspiration for the artworks. The outcomes of this project are featured in an annual art exhibition. There is more aout the exhibition here, and also a very good short video about the PDBe project on YouTube. Click here to see it.



The earlier exhibition was an Art Competition and Exhibition for students in Cambridge Sixth Forms. Since 2006, Granta and CANTAB have arranged and sponsored an Art Competition and Exhibition for students in the sixth for at Cambridge schools. From this early initiative, with the support of local artist James Horton, former President of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), a national competition has been developed by The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS). Young artists are selected from local competitions and exhibited at the annual RBA Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. They are awarded the title of RBA Scholar. The team is led by Lynne Hartland (The Arts Society CANTAB) working in close association with The Arts Society Granta and the Cambridge Drawing Society. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. There are also three special awards, the President's Cup, awarded by the Cambridge Drawing Society, the Pat Owens Prize, and - new for this year - the Scudamore's prize. The exhibition was held at Michaelhouse Café, Trinity Street, from July 2nd - 14th.

The art work was judged by James Horton and the winners receved their awards at a reception at Michaelhouse on July 4th.  The prizes were donated by Granta, Cambridge Drawing Society, Pat Owens, and Scudamore's. The first prize went to Edward Bovill (The Leys) for his painting 'My Sister', shown here. You can see all of the winning entries in our Gallery.

Go to the Gallery to view some of the thrilling artwork being produced by local sixth-formers

If you have been inspired by the 2019 Calendar artwork, click on the link to see the 2018 Calendar All of the calendar artwork was done by students at The Leys school, Stephen Perse School, and Impington Village College.